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Originally Posted by maxx2496 View Post
Okay one, why are ppl using apps to tether their EVO when tethering is already supported by default by htc. All u need to do Is have htc sync installed on your computer and I don't think It even matters if your covered with 4g or not. The EVO supports tethering by Itself all u need Is a computer..... and two, where did you find/go to get the 'evo contract' information because I have not recieved any documentation or conrract info. I assume somewhere online. where please? And last, how would I be breaking contract policy If all I am doing Is using a product as Im told to use it by the manual and have not made any Illegal modificatoons to it. The EVO supports tethering right out of the box. It tells you how to use it in the manual and is accesible by default. So what right does sprint have to call tethering with the EVO illegal/against policy.??????
Look at my initial post. Click on the "Terms of Service" in blue. That will take you to Sprint's site that describes the Terms of Service for their Everything data plans.

Just because the manual describes the possibility of a function doesn't mean that you don't have to pay for it.

For example, I sell you cable television service. Your service allows for the possibility of viewing premium channels on your television in addition to regular cable. You are still required to pay for the ability to watch those premium channels. Yes, you can hack in and watch those channels for free... but people have had their service cut off or even been prosecuted for doing so.

When you signed your phone contract, you basically promised Sprint that you wouldn't tether your computer/laptop without paying the hotspot fee. Sprint required that in your contract... which you willingly signed. What right do they have? They had the right as a contracted service provider.
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