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if the parents arent responsible enough to be able to take care of the kids then they shouldnt have them... most parents on welfare see their kids as nothing more than a paycheck, the more kids, the higher the check. i grew up in south phoenix, i walked to school in the ghettos, hid behind walls and dropped to the ground for drive bys, and grew up dirt ass poor. my parents had $16 more in their bank account than welfare allowed, my dad worked two jobs, my mom worked for the schools. we didnt have new cars, credit card debt, big tvs, cordless phones, or anything else fancy for that matter, and my parents would wait to eat most nights to make sure we didnt go to bed hungry. the way the system is taken advantage of now is completely ridiculous.

as for the kids that need housed, clothed, fed, et cetera, its pretty easy. you take all the money that tax payers are already paying that is supposed to go to housing and feeding and providing all medical care for the kids and you give it to them and dump the lazy ignorant leeches of the systems on their a$$es out on the streets and stop this endless cycle that currently exists where people continue to use and abuse the system because that is how they have been tought by their parental figures.

as i said, there are people the need help, a helping hand isnt a problem, enabling people to be lazy and irresponsible is.
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