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Default Marjority of Guides Announced

We got a real good response from members for the Guides/mini-mod openings, and we very much appreciate the support from the community to help make this place the best it can be!

This round:
While many people expressed interest - we only (hah, only) took 28 for this round. This was because they were best matches for the forums they wanted, or were deviceless and willing to work wherever, and seemed good for they job. They are - and what forums they are assigned to as their main focus - the following:

Moment: SeanStick, Gremlyn1, latinmaxima, Adrift

i7500: kam187, devan963, Rastaman-FB

HTC Hero: afonja, Slug, vido.ardes,

Sprint HTC Hero: Pking, elguapo76 _______

Eris: nate, jWhite4304, Fynx, dmodert66

Pulse: Muuurgh

Droid: CRPercodani, blazingwolf, gthrift, silverhack, digitard, Fabolous, motodroidhelpandinfo, shaggymatt

Passion: vinylfreak89

G1/G2/MyTouch: jaxx10, TheNorthernForest ________ _______


(You can find links to their profiles and PM them from here). They're the guys and gals in green. Congrats and welcome to the team!

For those that didn't get selected. Fear not, you're in my back pocket. Guides come and go (many do anyway, some stay for the long haul!) and when we need to expand or replace - I've got your names.

Next Round:
As if 28 wasn't enough - As you can see there are a few blank spots and a couple people have multiple forums. That is what is to be remedied next. So if anyone has interest in paying special attention the G1/G2/Mytouch/Cliq/Tattoo or any forum that's not listed here PM me and let me know. I prefer to put people with those devices in those forums but..... this goes for the xx Droid applicants that didn't make it too. If you want to work other forums let me know. Just know that we will need you there keeping those forums clean.. not just hanging in the Droid area and working on that because you can, ya dig?

So let me know.

Thanks again everyone, and congrats to the 28!
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