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Originally Posted by Zenze View Post
...umm I'm not sure on how your planning on preventing people from having kids. And you can't just give a bunch of money to little kids and expect them to know how to use it to take care of themselves...

But I agree that a system that promotes a lack of work ethic and provides endless handouts is counterproductive. I'm still confused about the 5 year thing, I don't see how the government can go against its own laws, or even it if currently is.
The current system encourages people who can't afford to have children to have more and more children. More children equals more government money and handouts. There is a strong incentive to pop out kid after kid. These same people have access to free condoms and other methods of birth control. Low cost or free abortions too. But they won't do that because each kid they have means more welfare, a bigger Section 8 home, etc. We need to take away the incentive and I bet the birth rates will drop.
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