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Originally Posted by RoboMonkey View Post
I want it.

One question, since the phone has a built in compass, can game developers take advantage of that and give us the same functionality?

I mean in google maps reality view all I have to do is move the phone up, down, left, and right and the screen turns.
Definitely something android can take advantage of, but if sensitivity and response is crucial, it won't be as good as a gyroscope. For example, when using Layar or Google Sky, there is a slight lag. Nothing worth complaining about but something to notice.

Now imagine if it was almost as fluid and realtime as your hands movements. That would be a gyroscope.

For what it's worth though, until developers tap into this, don't expect it to show up elsewhere as its really raw and unpolished right now aside from the game demoed by the OP.
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