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Originally Posted by eshy View Post
I don't expect my Evo, or any of the smartphones I had before, to do a better job then dedicated devices. My DSLR will always take much much better pictures than any phone on the market ever will. A dedicated gaming console will always have a better game experience.

Smartphones were never about taking pictures and playing games, what's smart abour playing games?
It was always about being able to access information, like email and internet, and run different applications that are useful when you're out and about.
The only thing games on a phone are good for is draining battery.

Apple made it clear they see the iphone as a competitor in the mobile gaming arena. So they put emphasis on that (and completly ignored having decent reception so you can make calls while holding the phone in your hands...)
Who said smart phones were never about taking pictures and playing games? This is considered multi-tasking.
Sounds to me like Windows Mobile is for you.

Do you carry your DSLR camera every where you go? I don't, but my phone I do. And I love the camera on the Evo.

As far as games go, I'm not a mobile game kind of person. But that doesn't mean I wouldn't play them if I'm waiting around some where. Or that doesn't mean that I can't let my nieces play games on my phone when we are out and about somewhere.

Its personal preference. But to say phones are not made to play games, that logic is seriously flawed. Even regular phones came with games and a camera!
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