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People have said that you cannot delete multiple emails at once. Yes you can. You check the left box on each email then delete. It will delete all checked. Whether there is a select all or not I don't know.

If you long press the back button it brings up your browsing history so you can back track without having to hit the back button 10 times.

*Basically try long pressing everything and anything and you'll find extra options. =)

Vibrate on SMS:
In the sound & display options theres an option to vibrate and ring. I also want my phone to vibrate & notify. There was no option for that. But if you go to your messaging app and hit the menu button> settings > at the very bottom theres a check box to vibrate & notify.

*Please Android make ringer profiles!!! The only mobileOS in existence that can't! (Without an app.)

note: Beautifu Silence Widget is a free widget in the Market that allows you to switch your phone to vibrate mode. HTC Sense looking widget. 1 for silence, 1 for vibrate. Silence you can toggle from the lock screen. (Any way to switch it to toggle vibrate instead?)

The DROIDdoes take good pictures. Just with the crappy software right now you have do little things to help it along.

1. Light Light Light! The sensor is so small and the megapixels so high that it creates a lot of heat, giving you noise. Darkness is bad for this.

2. From what I've experienced Auto WB does a better job that the presets. Still not very good all the time.

3. Macro focusing: You have to be about 2-4 inches away from your subject for it to properly focus. Macro means up close! I found it varies from subject and time to time so just keep trying to refocus till it locks green.

4. Auto focusing: There is a dead range between the macro and regular focusing. If you are 2-4 inches away from your subject it will macro focus. between that 4-10 inch range the camera will not focus. Pull away past that and you can lock green focus.

5. Focusing: Sometimes it will not lock. Just try and refocus. This is most likely software issues and hopefully will be fixed in the Dec. 11th OTA.

But you can take some decent pictures with the camera you just have to set up right. Kind of bad for just no-brain point and shooting. But again, hopefully the OTA will fix these issues.

Here's a couple of samples:

And if you have Photoshop, well you can edit in camera raw. (just file>open as... pick camera raw from the drop down and select the jpg you want and open it) You can improve the quality even more.
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