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Originally Posted by hakr100 View Post
And then what? Put them into drug rehab programs that are so over-booked, there won't be vacancies for months or even years?

When you guys put forth your ideas for social experimentation, it would be nice to see fully thought out proposals.

Nope, let them take some responsibility for themselves. We as a society don't need to cure people of their drug habits, but we don't have to give them FREE MONEY for being addicts either. Sorry if it is heartless, but I got past my smokin dope phase, WITHOUT welfare. They can too.

There are enough people who need our social programs, that don't have drug problems. Give the money to them.

Why do you feel it is necessary to support people who CHOOSE to do drugs instead of getting a job? I think that you have a backward idea of what is right.

I am not a conservative, so don't use that argument against me, either. I am all for social programs to help those who need it. But not for those who chose to get high instead of raising their kids, or going to work. If you were high all day at your job, would your boss still give you a check, or would you still have a job? If he/she would, then I am sure to see a failing business. If we give welfare recipients a lower standard than the rest of us, what are we teaching them? Rewarding them for breaking the law?
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