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Originally Posted by bamaster View Post
If there is one thing that the iPhone has better than pretty much any phone, is its polished interface. There's not a icon or menu that isn't thought through. Once you know how to go through menus in one of the native apps, you know how to use all of them.

Android Sense UI has a long way to go before it can get there. Some things are labeled "Options" some are "Settings". Sometimes you can use the menu button to get to them, sometimes you need to go into the Settings apps.

I read someone say that they liked this part of Android because it's for technical people and not for soccer moms. Really?

I love my Evo and I can never go back to a sub-4" screen again. But Android is playing catch up with the Apple interface and usability gurus.

troll!!! fanboy! fanboi!! go get a droid or an iFOOOOONE 5. go away. this is an "EVO pride" forum...

...anyway, apple and android offer many different things. i for one love the notification and keyboard (swype) and could never go back to that on my iPhone. i do miss ridiculuously snappy interface. it was very very responsive. android isn't EVEN CLOSE on that yet.
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