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Originally Posted by unplugged1 View Post
Think about this. You happened to get lucky and didn't brick your phone. You are aware that there have been many reports of phones bricking as a result of attempting a second update. What exactly are you suggesting? That people take the risk of bricking their Evo and update again because YOU got lucky once?

I cannot figure out why you want people to try a second update.
I am not advocating people try a second update. Don't put words in my mouth. I was clearly stating that I did do a second update and suffered no problems other than having to replace some app/widgets on my homescreens.

I posted my comment, describing what my phone displayed during both updates so we might find out why my phone succeeded and yours failed.

Oh, and as to why people might try a second update, why did you try it? Answer, we didn't hear the full information about the update. I updated my phone before seeing your posts.

I'm still curious as to whether you let the phone complete it's cycle of half-reboots before you touched the phone/controls. Perhaps by messing with it too soon, you might have caused the brick-up?
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