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Originally Posted by Braaainz View Post
I went thru two updates and my phone is working perfectly.

The first time, I got a downloading symbol like what we normally see when we download an app. It finished in a couple of minutes, if that.

It then said I had an update available for download (seemed like the same one). I accepted it, it warned me to do nothing with the phone until it was done.

This time, my screen went black except for a green sync symbol and a timeline/loading symbol. It went thru several half-boots with the screen going black multiple times.

It finally rebooted completely and I got a "update successfully applied" or something like that.

I wonder if people are bricking their phones because they're not waiting for the full update and reboot to take place.

EDIT: Oh, and after my second update, I was not offered the update again. I suspect the first update is possibly the HTC update and the second the Sprint Firmware.
That's not two updates. Your first description was the download. Second was the install...
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