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Originally Posted by hakr100 View Post
It would take more than a "monetary supplement" for society to successfully place the burden for these hundreds of thousands or millions of these kids on foster families. Foster kids who are not placed with wealthy families are only given the short end of the stick in terms of financial and emotional support. There's only enough there for the cheapest of medical care, usually the worst schools, and very rare counselling. We'd really have to redo the entire system for it to be effective.

And when foster kids reach 18, then what? As it is now, there's no more support. Many find themselves on the streets.

I'm not defending drug-addicted parents with minor children.What i am positing is that the solution is far more complex and expensive than anyone is envisioning.
So wait, your saying possibly making some of these children a productive member of society is more expensive than letting them keep in the cycle when perpetuates drugs, violence, and more leeching off the system? Please.
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