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Originally Posted by eugenile View Post
you and i seemed to be the same, and the only reason we got this phone.

to run a semi-new phone that runs droid and only pay a maximum of $10 data for unlimited with 3g. there are people out there who use this with $5.99 tzones!!! now that is hard to beat.

such a shame.

there is always the nexus one that has confirmed to work, and since it supports tmobile 3g should be the "best" option.

then i hear it works with unbranded gsm phones, like from att, etc. but no tmo 3g of course.

I can do even one better. I have the super old $4.99 unlimited T-zones and have it working fine over 3G, unlimited. My entire plan with minutes and data is $24.99. Of course you can't get those plans any more, mine is like 6 or so years old already. With Google Voice I can also make unlimited local/long distance calls. I laugh at my iPhone buddies who have like $90 a month and have to stand on top of buildings to get signals on their crap ATT network and pay for Apps.
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