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Originally Posted by HyperM3 View Post
A simple solution it may be, but why should I have to pay more money for a phone to work like its supposed to?

I am appalled at the battery life on the N1 with Froyo. With 2.1 this phone was barely manageable getting almost a day out of it. Now, I only got 9 and half hours out of it yesterday and it died on me on my way home. I have NEVER had a phone die on me before as Ive always regulated my use and kept an eye on it. This phone just sucks now, literally. I watched the battery meter go down like the gas gauge on a Dodge Viper.

If the phone keeps up this way then Its, for me, completely unusable. I dont care what its capable of if its not capable of staying on. I dont see this phone staying with me much longer if it keeps up this way.

It sounds like you might have a bad battery. I would either get a new or call up HTC and see if you can get them to send you a new one for free. On a heavy to moderate use day I usually get at least 12-14 hours out of the battery (a bit more because I switch batteries or charge it when it gets to like 20%).
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