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Originally Posted by HyperM3 View Post
A simple solution it may be, but why should I have to pay more money for a phone to work like its supposed to?
Sounds like a BS response.

True story:

I was at a friends' house, while I was showing Doodle Jump on my Nexus One to my friend, our other mutual friend whips out his new iPhone, very excited to show he has Doodle Jump also...

As my friend proceeds to play Doodle Jump on the Nexus One the iPhone is still struggling to boot the game, suddenly our "iPhone friend" jumps for joy that the game has finally booted then he begins to look disappointed and sad as his iPhone dies, battery died and he has no charger he is dead in the water.

As my friend proceeds to play, I notice the Nexus One battery also is about to die, I show our "iPhone friend" how easy it is to take the back off the Nexus One and I slip the extra fully charged battery in my pocket into the Nexus One and all is good for the rest of the night, even with extreme game playing.

When Apple begins to make iPhones that you can easily change the batteries on then perhaps they will be in the same ballfield but at this point they are not.
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