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Default Task Killers, my real world Pepsi challenge...

I know there are a bunch of threads about task killers, pro and con. However, this is my real world with and without comparison and observation.

First, let me just admit that I am new to Android. Been an iPhoner since gen 1, with At&t for 6 years. I love the EVO. I love Android. I love not feeling like a leper just because I want to use a different SMS program versus the stock one. Was it a transition, you betcha. But I'm not looking back.

Okay, to the point. I've been lurking on this and other android forums since getting the phone launch weekend. I've read a lot of threads about task killers paying special attention to those talking about how the OS is built to handle applications and by using a task killer, you're doing more harm than good. I have been using ATK. I set all the important stuff on the ignore list, I have the security setting set to low so I able to add all the goodies to the ignore list. I have kill frequency set to on screen black.

After reading another thread which linked to a blog about how the OS handles apps, I decided to turn off ATK and run completely stock. For the record, I'm running the latest update, no root, with Earth Rot live wallpaper. I'm not a gamer. Web browse, google voice, phone, text, weather. I restarted the phone with ATK disabled last night around 8pm EDT. By 3pm this afternoon, my phone would lag really bad when turning the screen back on and trying to perform any task. I'm talking like 5 - 7 seconds from clicking a contact in the favorites widgets until it actually made the call. I looked in the running services area and it said my free memory was only 15MB. To be honest, I'm not completely sure what the rest of the information at the bottom means, "xxMB in 0 Other: xxMB in 4". I have since turned ATK back on, rebooted and the device is running as expected and as evident in the past, will continue to do so.

So my question is, if task killers are indeed bad, and the OS is designed to handle apps on it's own, why did my phone's performance go down the toilet so quickly WITHOUT the task killer? I didn't do anything crazy like leave 4 different games running. When I close my browsers (Dolphin and xscope) I always hit menu, and exit, not just hit the home button. What are other people's real world experiences?
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