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Originally Posted by tluv00 View Post
Amazing how "no big deal" hasn't been answered in 5 hours. HTC ill not get the update first because the N1 already has it (making it first). Second, the Sense UI makes it a completely different beast. They have to make sure Sense will play nicely with the update. Third, they are going to make sure the newest devices have it (X, Droid 2, Samsung S) so people go to buy those devices first.
First: the N1 is an HTC, and they were almost certainly responsible for porting 2.2 to the N1 (which probably involved very little besides drivers).

Second: there is basically 1 version of the HTC UI while there are multiple versions of Blur for Motorola. Unless they pair that down to 1, that will slow them down a lot. And Samsung has NEVER put a priority on updating devices. And I'd put money that TouchWiz will be harder to upgrade than the others.

Third: the OEM has most of the responsibility for updating devices. HTC has every reason to try and push out 2.2 before everybody else. ESPECIALLY if it steals somebody else's thunder.

EDIT: Yeah...I'm going to edit my rambles a bit. Apparently that is what happens when I multitask. I'll just trim that down to the salient points.

And I missed the Droid 2 announcement about Froyo. Still doesn't change my argument THAT much. Unless all there ducks are in a row, they won't want to push out updates before that. Too much room to get them in trouble. So HTC has 2 more months to get froyo out. Pretty decent odds.
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