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Originally Posted by euph_22 View Post
Wow...I feel like I should give you a 3 hour business, marketing, and computer science. First of the N1 is an HTC product. And if they release Froyo with sense before Blur or Touchwiz, they will still be first. And the main determining factor in when updates get released is when they get written by the OEM. Since HTC doesn't have any new phones coming out, and aside from drivers, there current advanced product line is pretty much the same. They have no reason to wait. And since the EVO and the DrInc are very similar, Sprint and Verizon will get it about the same time, and from then it will be a race to push it out.

And since none of the new phones will be getting Froyo out of the gate, they all need to be updated. Which is very different from developing the initial software for the phone. HTC, Samsung and Motorola all have to go through the same process. Based on their track record Samsung will not be first. And since Motorola has big phones coming out, they don't want Droid owners getting cool updates before they come out. So Moto won't be rushing.

In short, there are alot of reasons HTC will win.
Originally Posted by tluv00 View Post
Check your grammar and spelling before offering lessons in anything. A) Nexus one is an HTC BUILD but not OS so big difference B) Droid will have Froyo before Inc C) Incredible is basically the red headed stepchild of the HTC family right now if you want to compare to their other devices and D) if you actually think HTC has no more devices coming out this year you are drunker than me right now which is saying something (and I still type better than you drunk and on an iPad).
+1 agree "red-headed step child"
-1 for (admitting) using iPad
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