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Originally Posted by Leafgreen View Post
I do thank SirSlayer for all his work. But after reading most of the posts in this thread, and most of the posts on the link that SirSlayer put on his first post, I concluded the opposite of the recommendation.

* Post #44 "I think the point that a lot of these kind of articles miss is that not all apps behave in an ideal manner..." and a lot of other similar thoughts.
* adseguy: For 95% of the time you don't want to use a task killer. Exactly. I'm worried about the 5% of the time!
* Repeated posts that swear by improved battery life
* the assumption that the only point of task killers is memory management and not cpu/battery mgmt.

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What amazes me is the fact that people are not paying attention. There are other apps that are not "task killers" that can help you kill a Hung app if you need it. I have mentioned it several times and they surve usually other much more useful features then auto jacking up your phone. So, had you read the rest of the posts you would have seen me agree that killing a Hung task might be needed, just use apps like astro file manager. Shows processes running and let's you stop an app that might be Hung. As for the battery issue I will say it again for the 20th time. you might get better battery now but will be reseting to factory defaults when the task killer is done jacking up your phone.

Quite frankly, I don't care if people use them myself. My goal here is to keep people informed, most of the responces we have had on this thread have been that the phone runs better without it.

lol ok late night rant.... hope its been entertaining. I know I was
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