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Show me proof of this, and I'll accept that and put a plastic film on MY screen. I can literally take my car keys, a screw at work, a pen, my hunting knife, anything I can think of, and comfortably mash them, point first mind you, into the screen and just have a mini-spasm throwing it across every square inch of the screen without having to worry about it gaining as much as a smudge from excess oils on said tools of mass damage.

There's already been a video made and posted on here from a dude actually ON this forum who's done just this. I might go ahead and make a little peep show as well, and on the Evo I use day-to-day. I got no problems doing that, if you guys REALLY want to see how resistant it really is.

Like I've said though, the screen is almost 100% impervious (I say almost, because the next 2 things it's still vulnerable to) to anything, except for sand grit and sawdust being either rubbed forcefully on the screen, or blasted onto it. In that case, you'll get little dents and grooves appearing on the screen. Other than that though, this is the toughest glass I've seen to date.
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