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Originally Posted by mbell75 View Post
Good for him, thats huge for the Thunder! I could argue Durant is just as good as LeBron right now too. You get another piece or two and the Thunder will be a very dangerous team.

Oh and I think Lebron will end up a Knick or a Bull most likely, but we'll see.
Oh please...Durant is NO WHERE NEAR as good as Lebron (or Kobe for that matter) at this point. He **may be** one day, but certainly not now. I am happy he is staying with the Thunder though. He is the main reason the Thunder gave such good competition to the Lakers (I'm a Lakers fan btw)...Competition is good for the NBA.

That is also why I am glad to see the free agents not all signing in the same place. If 2 or 3 teams got all the free agents, it would be bad for the NBA, as teams without a "star" would start to be ignored by the public in lieu of teams that had a massive talent roster...

**EDIT** O, and Bigmerf, From what I have been reading, it's
1. Knicks
2. Cleveland
3. Miami
4. Chicago

Guess we will all find out tomorrow night at 6:00 (PST)...
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