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Default Sprint Airave (Post #1 has a quick "FAQ" for help)

Ok so I got sprint to give me the airave for $18 upgrade fee instead of the $100 normal cost and they are suppose to waive the $4.99 mo fee.

The Airave came today I set it up and I have error lights going on. The sys light is flashing and no GPS. Now it's not activated I wanted to get it setup before calling as it says. Is this the reason I have error messages? Does it need to be activated first?

I plan to call in the morning to get it moving.



EDIT: To make it easier for others to locate valuable "first setup" steps, I have added this information here. Smoke this over and if anyone reading this needs any more support, by all means post here and you will get help. We can add to this quick list as needed, just send me a PM and I can add to or delete if necessary.

BIG BIG BIG "THANK YOU" to member ginglish for taking time to list these steps. Much appreciated!

AIRAVE AND AIRVANA install instructions:
Note AIRAVE is the original device AIRVANA is the newer model with 3G Data support. For simplicity We’ll use AIRAVE unless something specific to either device gets added.

Insure Sprint has activated the device on your Sprint account. They will need numbers off the Box Label. Sometimes it is done before they send the AIRAVE, sometimes you need to call. Check your account on If activated you will see it listed.

Disregard the install instructions in the manual which calls for the AIRAVE to be connected MODEM/AIRAVE/ROUTER. This order is only needed if VOIP is in use (not currently available via Sprint), or you router is WIFI only. Some users report a significant slowdown of the home internet connection when connected this way.

Preferred and easiest connection order is MODEM/ROUTER/AIRAVE. This assumes you have open wired ports on the router.

Step by step:
Reset your Network (recommended but not absolutely required)
1. Power down your entire network, PCs, Router and Modem.
2. Power up the Modem and wait for lights to go steady.
3. Plug in your Router wait for lights to go steady.
4. Boot up your PCs and verify internet connectivity.

Connecting the AIRAVE
a. Plug in a standard Cat5 Network Cable into an open port on your router like you would for a PC and then connect the other end to the WAN Port on the AIRAVE.
b. Plug in the GPS external antenna into the GPS port on the AIRAVE and place the antenna close to a window where it can see the sky.
c. Plug in the power adapter to the wall and connect to the AIRAVE.
d. Watch the blinking light show. What should happen is that the BROADBAND light should go Steady Green, followed by the GPS light, and then by the MOBILE light going steady. This can take from just a few minutes to overnight.
e. With 3 green lights, check your mobile signal strength. Try making a phone call. You mobile will beep three times to acknowledge connection via the AIRAVE. You should see a blinking Green MOBILE light while on a phone call.

Note: if any of the lights stay blinking amber, reset your network, recheck your connections and check your router QoS settings. QsO off is recommended with no VOIP involved. If still having trouble Call Sprint Customer Services.
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