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I mean the quantifiable results are this, after using my phone for several hours, I have about 20-30mb of Memory left and close to 20 apps running. I use advanced task killer free (which kills itself when killing other tasks). I have a few apps on the ignore list which it'll never kill, but after killing everything else I don't need running (games, soc network apps, etc), I usually end up with close to 70mb of Memory. I realize that these apps won't slow the processor down as they're not (or shouldn't be) doing much... but its RAM people... these apps are already preloaded which'll save you the 2 seconds it takes to load them up at the cost of RAM. I'm sure if I were to get down to 5mb of RAM - I would have some problems...

I can see how people not understanding the difference between ram and cpu getting confused and not grasping the effects of keeping all your apps open all the time...

On another note, the automatic task killers do slow down your phones (it's like an anti-virus, it's always doing something) so I recommend just using advanced task killer free and running it after ~2 of regular use. Those that don't use task killer apps will start to notice sluggishness as more cool apps come out and you download them. Keep in mind, that most apps today are made for lesser Android systems, once the more complex, more robust ones come out, they'll use more resources (including RAM while sitting in idle)
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