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Originally Posted by billd View Post
This is an important point.

When you run out of RAM in a normal UNIX/Linux system, least recently used memory from sleeping apps gets moved into swap space to make room for things that need more RAM. Code from sleeping executables can be paged out to avoid using swap but it's the same basic idea. Stacks/heaps and any other dynamic memory pages will still have to go to swap though. This is all painfully slow and should be avoided when possible. I'm not sure if Android uses a swap device. If it doesn't then when you run out, then you're just plain out. You'll need to shut some things down before you can run something else.

I think that some people are trying to over-simplify this issue. That leads to bad over-generalizing conclusions.
See my comment above. If the app or the wrapper can do this, then it's the answer we are all in search of!

However even running apps can swap if their code is poor.

Is there a shell for the droid OS (android 2.0) yet?
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