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Originally Posted by Slugdoc View Post
#6 - The flip / clock weather widget doesn't update automatically. I don't know what frequency it is set at, but I have to go into the weather app and manually update, despite the setting.

7) The calendar widget doesn't display days with appts until it is refreshed. If I swipe over to the calendar widget I see a blank Nov. If I swipe down to December, it is populated with the little corner triangles. If I swipe back up to Nov, the Nov appts then show up.
On that note, is it just me or does the calendar app seem limited. All it has is a daily view or a month view in which the appts are not distinguishable from each other. An all day vs. a 8-9 AM meeting vs a 6 hour conference all just show a small triangle in the corner. Almost useless.

8) Is gmail a second class citizen on this google phone? In the notification pane, the "email" app will show you a snippet from the message, but the "gmail" app will only say '1 new message'.
Also - in the people application, you should be able to go to the email pane of the contact to see email conversations -- it does not show gmail conversations!

What is the best way to report these bugs so there is a chance of getting them addressed?

(I still like it better than the moto droid, which had NONE of these issues -- maybe it's a 2.0 thing?)
I don't have either of those first two issues. THe third...never tried to do either of those.
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