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Originally Posted by MisterEd;
Squaretrade is the worst value out there.

You have to pay in full up front and you are only covered for ONE EVENT. If you make use of their insurance 1 week after you got the device you have to buy it and start all over again for your replacement. You need to add that into the "out of pocket" costs. If you drown your phone 3 times in a year you have to rebuy the insurance at full price 3 times.

With Sprint insurance you pay 1 month at a time and if you drown your phone 3 times in a year you are still paying the same $7/month for the year.

3 losses in a year:

Sprint $84 for insurance, $300 for 3 deductibles, replace phone at no add'l cost usually within a day or 2 = $384

Squaretrade $300 for insurance (3 x $100), $150 for 3 deductibles, TAX on the phone (because you have to buy it yourself, they just give you cash) = ~$650 (figuring $50 sales tax x 3 on your new phones you have to buy).

Best Buy .... overpriced and just a total rip off. You have to be without your phone for 3-4 weeks. What good is that?
Thank you very much for that info on squaretrade.
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