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Default Sprint vs BB Insurance - My experience

I bought two EVO's on launch day. 35 days later, one of the EVO's stopped registering input to the touch screen. I have both Sprint AND BB black tie insurance. I bought the BB insurance in addition to the sprint insurance I already had because I liked the 'you get a brand new phone' pitch, and I didn't know which insurance would pay off in the end. So, I walk in to a BB 35 days after purchase date (from BB on launch day) and I'm told I'm out of the 30 day period and will have to wait 3 to 4 weeks for repair or replacement.

BB suggests I go to Sprint and see what they can do for the touchscreen problem on site. BB does me the courtesy of calling the local sprint store and finding out if the Tech guys are on site. I go to the Sprint store, and after 30 minutes of trying to figure out what's wrong with the phone, they give up and give me a refurbished EVO on the spot, after transferring the memory card, downloading updates and reloading google contacts for me. That was nice.

The Sprint technician also told me something interesting. He said that the motherboard of the replacement EVO is refurbished. However, all the other hardware on the phone is new. The phone looks and feels new, exactly the way the two brand new phones felt when I bought them from BB on launch day. I did not pay any deductibles. I did not send my phone out and wait. I just got a replacement EVO that seems absolutely new to me (which it would if the only part that was refurbished was the motherboard).

I have to say the Sprint plan really paid off for me here. I'm glad someone else posted the key features of each insurance plan earlier in this thread, because it helped me confirm I don't really have a good reason to keep the BB insurance. What for? So I can wait as long as they deem necessary to repair the EVO? I'll take an on the spot refurbished EVO over a month long wait for a new EVO every time, but that's just me. I think I'm going to cancel the BB plan.
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