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Originally Posted by Zerophi View Post
You hit the nail on the head. Thank you
Okay, I get that, but without a task manager app will you know just from services alone which app is sucking up your memory? It seems to me that would be the sole good reason to have it.

Also, it appears there are two different conversations going that mix and mingle and get all jangled up in this thread. The first is that some people believe that having too many apps kills the battery quickly and others who feel that too many apps sucks up too much memory and makes the phone sluggish.

From everything I've seen and read, it does not appear that any apps really affect battery life to any great extent, unless perhaps you've got a buggy one. At the same time that buggy one will also affect your memory management.

Perhaps, people also think they're gaining battery life by killing tasks when in actuality, because these are new phones, it's been the draining and recharging of their batteries that has increased the battery life.

Three truths seem to hold for battery life. That beautiful, beautiful screen sucks up the most from your battery. Learn to tone it down when you can. Second, your battery needs to be fully discharged and fully recharged at least once to gain its maximum life. And, lastly, you can get a buggy phone that doesn't respond to either of those two situations, but that's the key. You need to see its response to the first two.

Ah wait, there's one more battery drainer possibility, but with Verizon's great coverage it seems to be far, far less of an issue. Any time your phone or any cell phone can't find service, it will rapidly drain your battery looking for it as well as heat up your phone to hot, hot, hot.

In a world dominated by PCs, it's no wonder that the majority assume that background apps are using up too much memory, but this ain't your grandfather's Windows, is it?
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