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A day ago, I would have said "Betterkeyboard" but I think I've discovered a bug in it.. when I use it to type replies on message boards, it gets dismissed after a few sentences and takes a long time to come back up, leading me to think that it is crashing and having to restart.

After it crashes, letters you type no longer show up in the text box on the forum, but they are still being entered. Swapping to the default android keyboard fixes the issue and allows the letters you type to be displayed again.

For now, I'm going to stay with the default android keyboard. I e-mailed the developer of betterkeyboard about this.. hopefully it can be reproduced and fixed.

edit: Got a response from the developer (yay for prompt responses)

They say that the keyboard doesn't crash.. and that is the browser that crashed in this case and that the firmware on the droid is very buggy (doesn't surprise me.. it is the first 2.0 device afterall).. maybe I'll try to capture some logs and see if it really was the browser that crashed.. assuming I can replicate the issue again. I don't think I can recall an instance where the browser "crashed" on a phone without exiting.. but then again I'm new to Android, so I suppose there is a first time for everything.
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