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Originally Posted by pb pedis View Post

I have to say the Sprint plan really paid off for me here. I'm glad someone else posted the key features of each insurance plan earlier in this thread, because it helped me confirm I don't really have a good reason to keep the BB insurance. What for? So I can wait as long as they deem necessary to repair the EVO? I'll take an on the spot refurbished EVO over a month long wait for a new EVO every time, but that's just me. I think I'm going to cancel the BB plan.
Just to let you know. The reason they gave you a refurb on the spot was because it was a factory defect. The insurances had nothing to do with it. The insurance is for an accidental breakage or lost/stolen phone. If its a defect you bring it to sprint for the first year. You dont need insurance for defects.

How you should really compare the plans is for accidental damage.

BB- 10/mo, no deductible, 3-4 weeks for repair or replace with new. Does not cover loss or theft.

Sprint - 7/mo, $100 deductible. Quicker repair or replace with refurb. Covers loss or theft.

What you should

Originally Posted by williamhereford View Post
This is a much needed thread. Thanks for all the info on experiences.

I purchased the BB insurance, partly due to the no deductible and the "hard close" pitch of buy it now with your phone or too bad. I would agree with all the suggestions of month to month payment as I have the option of dropping it at any time. Outside of the experience of the first poster, has anyone had a quality experience with BB Black Tie?

With respect to Sprint's insurance is the deductible only charged when the phone is lost? I liked hearing that they accessed the phone on site and gave a replacement. Are all sprints replacements refurbished? Do they always have clean/new externals? I just don't want to be handed a used looking phone.

The 100 dollar deductible was part of what got me to go to BB. I've never lost a phone (or broken one for that matter, so I know I'm about due) so hearing BB covers all damage and wear, you just have to bring them a phone sounded good. Sprint Ins. doesn't deal with accidental breakage. Correct?

To be honest hearing the two pitches at the time I remember thinking. With Sprint if I break my EVO just throw it in the garbage go to Sprint and say I lost it. 100 dollars later refurbished phone.

With Best Buy don't lose it and I'm fine. Broken phone, bring it in. New phone no deductible. This seems to be less the normal practice through experiences on here.

What are Best Buys loner phones? Same model or some crap Nokia circa 1996?
1. See my post on page 1 for a good experience.

2. Sprint also covers accidental damage.

3. A pos loaner. I got some old samsung.

Originally Posted by sikclown View Post
Internal Humidity/Condensation is legalese for "We can decide we don't cover submerged". Otherwise they would put Liquid Damage. Trust me I went through a lot of this in 2005 when my apartment decided to get flooded by Katrina.
The paperwork they give you with info on the black tie program clearly states that it covers any and all types of damage no questions asked as long as you bring the phone in.
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