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Originally Posted by hakujin View Post
what does phone|face|smashed have to do w/ the phone backlight automatically turning on when you lower the phone to 'press 1 for customer service'? More so, how does smashing a phone against one's face make a proximity sensor more desirable? If anything the Moment has shown that it's more prone to incorrect proximity detection & key presses when close to the face. However, when you know how to work around it, it's great. I just like less key presses and not occasionally missing GV calls because the dialpad shortcut is precariously close to the cancel button. Proximity provides advantages to both scenarios. Further, I found it strange that the Hero didn't have it, more so now as I did not realize the Eris has this feature.

As an aside, isn't LED flash on a phone relatively new compared to proximity sensors?

My sanyo MM8300 hundred had a flash on it and it was like 4 years ago. Actually I wanna say the 8200 i had before that had one too, and that was another year and a half. So....
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