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Originally Posted by sikclown View Post
Not that I know of unless they have changed recently. To my knowledge they do not cover lost or stolen or water damage. And TEP deductible is still 100.00, I called. Now to answer your question about why people ignore the deductible.. It is not ignoring .. If I get my phone wet 11 months into my contract it gets replaced for 100.00 and then you add in the money I have already paid and it is 177.00 plus tax. How much does that situation cost you? Best Buy's insurance has it's merit for sure but I am more of a full coverage with deductible kind of guy based on things that have happened to my electronics. I live in New Orleans... Went through Katrina... Things get wet here.
Just called Best Buy (since you might have read above that I have a cracked EVO screen awaiting "a fix" (be it repair or replacement).

The Geek manager said they cover "spillage" but NOT "submersion." So spill soda on your desk on your phone, covered; jump into pool drunk with phone in pocket, NOT covered. He DID say that if you went in for a "quick dip" you can bring in the phone to be sent in for repair and the repair department will assess whether it is covered but there IS a difference between spill/splash vs. submerged.

Interesting point with water and Katrina. I'm in FL so went through Katrina as well (NOT **THE** Katrina you went through...) and also Wilma and Frances and Ivan and....

Wonder if there is a "light rain on phone" provision vs. a "hurricane rain on phone" provision?? ;->

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