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Originally Posted by spiz View Post
I'm not saying all of HTC's products are bad, but I am saying that in general, Samsung uses better quality hardware than HTC. The BH2 actually had very good hardware and would have been a pretty good phone with 2.1.

On top of that, Samsung still leads the other manufacturers in the area of innovation. Notice how they all want Samsung's Super AMOLED displays?

And no, I wasn't pitting the Vibrant against the Slide. I was just saying that if you must have a 1 ghz phone now and can't wait for a similar product (Emerald), then you're okay purchasing the Vibrant as there won't be much of a difference between the two phones.
HTC has the first andoid phone, the second android phone in the us market, the first 1 ghz phone, the first 4g phone, the first >4" android phone. Before the vibrant, the best android on at least 3 of the 4 carriers was an HTC (and arguably Verizon as well, almost all the reviews from Incredible owners who tried the Droid X preferred the Incredible). And Motorola had (well still has) the Droid. Samsung is not the innovative leader in the droid market.

I'll agree that purely in terms of specs, the Galaxies S (galaxy group S ?) are in some ways on top of this generation of phone (marginally). However, they're also probably the last of this generation of phone (as far as flagship phones). We'll be seeing 1.5-2gz phones in a couple months (on sale for christmas).
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