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Originally Posted by 2FR35H View Post
As Spiz said the point is flash is not needed regardless of the feature being software. For the record a LED flash technically could be added to vibrant if people are so desperate for it by doing a DIY light but really its not that serious. As I have said before its been proven unnecessary at this point.
Honestly ever since switching to a touchscreen phone I have not used my phone camera a whole lot. In the time it takes to push an unlock button, swipe something on the screen, open the camera app, then snap the picture what I wanted to take a picture of is long past. In that time I can just get my Rebel T1i and have a picture 3x the resolution. Flash or no flash.

Its not like it was on my old Sony phone with the kodak camera where I could snap a picture with the press of one button. I only use my camera for quick candid pictures and these days phone pics take planning.

The software on the Vibrant is great as a flash replacement and actually better when taking pictures outside at night. I will agree.
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