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Default Some suggestions for the Google Maps App

Some of these may have been mentioned already but here is my list of suggestions for the Google Maps App on Android:

1) When accessed from the Maps application, the search function should always be map-centric. Sometimes when I do a search and find what I am looking for I select it and it sends me to the browser rather than to the map application so I can use the location as the destination within the Navigation feature. This shortcoming results in a lot of fumbling to get a destination into the map program and this is the last thing you want to do while driving a car so you end up trying to do it at a stoplight or after pulling over.

2) Most good GPS units have a good way of storing and retrieving favorite map points so they can be easily searched/accessed within the navigation feature. To my knowledge, the google maps application does not do this. I did find a way to store an address in a folder but this is rather cumbersome and this feature should be readily accessible within the mapping application. Saved map points should be easy to back up externally or send to others. An option to import would be nice too. When you get a lot of saved points, the ability to group them into folders/categories becomes crucial.

3) Along the same lines as the previous comment, most GPS programs store a history of recently accessed map points. Google Maps should have this feature as well.

4) The web-based version of Google maps has a nice feature that lets you modify the originally selectd route to your liking by dragging a portion of a route to go through a given location (i.e., via points). When you email or send a link of the revised route to someone (or yourself) and access it from the web applicaiton, the revised route is saved. However, if you access this link from the phone and select the maps application, it reverts back to the default route without the selected via points. This is very annoying because you spend some time to get your route just right and all that effort is for nothing when you go to use it with your phone app.

5) Option to have more data on the nav screen as others have suggested including current speed, distance to destination, bearing to destination, tracks, etc. Some may not want some of these so they should be individually selectable via checkboxes on a preferences/setup screen.
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