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Me ...
13 month G1 Android user

G1 ...
Rooted for about 6 months
Firmware 1.6 and some 2.0 parts
Mod CyanogenMod 4.2.5

SD Card...
Total Space 1.01 G
Aval. 470 mb
125+ apps

SD Card secondary...
Total Space 870 mb
Aval. 643 mb

Internal Phone Storage...
Available space 51.52 mb

I consider myself a normal average user, I don't make a lot of phone calls, I surf the web a lot, I use streaming video/audio apps a lot and send many many many text messages a day.

If I don't plug in my phone, I get about 8 hours of use before battery level drops to 20% and I get a warning to recharge. After a full day of use my "internal storage' will drop to around 40 mb.

I did a 2 week test of using "task killer". Nothing changed. Battery use was the same. Internal memory was the same. I don't have exact numbers but I was getting same use out of phone.


Want your phone to run faster ?
Yeah we all do, now heres how to do it.

menu-settings-applications-manage applications

Scroll through the apps and "clear cache' of all the ones that have it. Here is a list of ones on my phone.

Get Fuzzy
My Coupons
Recovery Flasher

This will give you more internal memory and make our device run faster. People without apps2sd should do this often as their space is even more limited.

Also reduce the number of "widgets" you have running. They use up memory.


Want to lower your battery usage ?

Heck yeah !!!!!!!

Turn your screen brightness down.
Reduce number of "widgets" running.
Use "only 2G".
Turn off GPS when not using it.
Use wifi if available and shut it off if not.
Use headphones whenever possible the speaker uses more battery.


If you don't believe me, no big deal. Give it a shot yourself you will notice a difference.
Thats what Android said ...
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