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Originally Posted by presence06 View Post
Open Address Book/Contacts, Menu, and Display options. You can choose which contacts to display.
Aye been their done that, although it is still not showing the groups. Here is an example of what is wrong.

In gmail I have my contacts, I have custom groups made up here such as Nerds or OTPT (occupational therapist Physical therapist)

When I am holding my vibrant in my hand and go to contacts I can see these peopel mixed in with the 1007 other contacts. When I then go to groups to narrow this down I am only able to see the following.


the groups nerds and otpt are not showing. If I then try to make a new group called nerds or otpt I am not able to as the phone gives me the error group name already exists.

I have tried to make a test group on the phone titled test and it allows me to create it. I can not how ever add members to it for some reason. And even after forcing a sync this new group does not appear in my gmail contact list.

I can then create a test group in gmail and add a person to it and it does not pull into the phones test group. I can delete the phones test group with out affecting the gmail test group. I then deleted the test group from gmail and created a new group titled test2 and then allowed my phone to auto sync. It did not pull the test2 group through to the phone, how ever if I now try to create a test2 group on the phone it tells me that the group name already exists.
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