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@Ares: My understanding is that it would be upgradeable to 2.2 at "some point", but the rep wouldn't go into more detail at this time. I'll be following up on that.

@icurafu: I didn't get the name of the specific chipset from the rep, but I did leave that as something for the person to get back to me on, so I will be following up on that.

And yes, it does come with 256Mb of RAM built in. Most of the newer crop of Andy tablets have been coming with 256Mb of RAM. My primary concern is that the 800Mhz quoted for processor speed is not a combination of actual CPU and DSP processors integrated on the same chip, but rather the actual speed of the CPU. I'm not 100% worried about a resistive screen as I came from the Windows Mobile world where all we had were resistive screens. Although if these folks managed to squeeze capactive into this puppy....this would almost make it a "buy" on that basis alone in my book.

Any more questions you have, let me know and I'll try to get more info as possible. I don't want to overwhelm this person, I'm trying to develop a repoire here in case future product previews are possible.
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