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I'm one of the Network Admins for my company and my Droid syncs with Exchange perfectly. We were running on Exchange 2003 and recently went to Exchange 2007 and using a wildcard certificate which is one reason why I had to replace my old Motorola Q (the main reason is because it was old and is a piece of crap). Windows Mobile 5 Activesync is not compatible with a wildcard certificate. That being said, there are a few things that can keep a Droid from connecting to Exchange but not the iPhone or other Windows Mobile phones. One of THE BIGGEST reasons the Droid will not connect to Activesync has to do with a activesync policy configuration on the Exchange server. Basically it has something to do with password provisioning the device or something to that extent. In fact, here's a link from Verizon that is directly associated to this issue. I did a lot of research prior to purchasing the Droid to make sure I could prepare our Exchange environment to support it. The problem is that a lot of people make the changes to their Activesync policies because it does increase security. Problem is, the Droid isn't yet compatible with these settings. Keep in mind the Droid is basically running what is still a Beta OS. Sure this phone was released to the public with it and technically they SHOULD have told people that Android 2.0 isn't technically RTM, but what's done is done. I use the phone knowing it's technically beta and I'll run into bugs. So for those of you out there still unable to sync exchange with your Droid...have your IT folk remove device password settings in the Activesync profile. This can even be set per user account if your IT folk don't want to set it as default.
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