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Originally Posted by GriZlore View Post
i just can't get K9 to work correctly

Whenever the inbox refreshes, or when it next polls, the previous email, whether read or not are deleted.

I can seem to work out why! It is very fustrating

Any ideas?

ps - it doesnt seem account related, as I have added several, including gmail... and all are the same (deleted on next mail check!)
This used to happen to me. The problem for me was regarding using Outlook with a pop account. In Outlook, I had to go into the account settings, change/edit, more setting, advanced tab, and check on the option to "Leave a copy of the messages on the server." I did not realize that Outlook deletes them off of the sever once you receive it (re gardless of whether it was Read or Unread). So, the next time you poll - those messages are not there and they would disappear on my device.

Maybe something along these lines (whether you use Outlook or not) is happening to you?

Hope that helps. I know how frustrating it was until i figured out what was going on.
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