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Considering this is a noob thread, and I've read all I can understand about this, I have a few questions. i posted this in another thread a few days ago but have not gotten any answers. All I want to do is to get wifi tether, use setcpu, and maybe get froyo running. I have a few questions though:

1. Is this a "full root"? I've been reading, and some people say this isnt a full root, meaning there's no way to get froyo running on it.

2. I would like to get rid of the stock crap apps. From what I gather, the only way to do that is to completely wipe all apps, and start over one by one?

3. I understand you can get a ROM manager, does this allow you to switch between roms or what?

4. This can be completely undone right? I've had problems with 2 evo's, i just now got a working new evo. But if i have a problem, i can take this off correct?

5. If I don't install froyo with the root, and want to wait til its officially released from sprint, will I have any problems installing it then?
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