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So I already switched back to my previous rom, not because there was anything wrong with your rom, in fact i really liked alot of features on it, like the side wipe in stead of up and down scroll when viewing apps. The only reason i went back to my previous is because i just love it too much....

So here is my quick review:
Installed with Rom Manager with no problems at all. Boot animation is awesome, great build on that. I honestly on had it installed maybe an hour and was still using the stock kernel but it was super snappy from the get go, the only time it was even remotely lagging was when my phone was still syncing. I tested out the GPS, Wifi, and Bluetooth and all were working normal. the only thing i noticed was when i would give SU permissions to apps the grey popup saying permission granted stayed there for about 30 seconds after each permission set, i wasn't sure if it was ever going to go away :P.

After playing on the stock theme for a little while i flashed the blueberry theme. Everything worked just as great as they did with the stock theme. I noticed a wee bit of lag but again I didn't have this loaded on my phone for very long so i am sure that would go away after the phone got all settled in. That theme didn't fit me well though... it was a lot of blue! Some of the apps got lost in the background picture. For me if i go back to this rom (which i still might i did enjoy it for the hour i had it) i would use the stock theme.

Overall I would have to say Awesome job, if anyone is debating installing this i say do it, I just went back to my previous rom because I dont like change
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