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Originally Posted by cecium View Post
I bought my phone July 1, I'm not sure which version it is or the DOM. My charger port became loose exactly 3 weeks later and I noticed the issue when i tried to connect to my computer. I took it to a sprint store and they said it was the cable, gave me a spare which happened to be faulty and didnt charge that night. I took it the a repair store the next day and they told me that I "physically damaged" the phone and directed me to insurance as everyone else did. As of right now I can still charge it but it only connects to the cable when the cable is bent under the phone. I've ordered a external battery charger and spare batteries for when this port breaks all together. I also called customer service complained to them about the repair center and explained that the phone does charge but it is loose and i did not physically damage it and refuse to pay $100 for a replacement. They were very rude to me and gave me all types of random examples of how user negligence is physical damage and that even if someone else tried to plug my charger in a little forcefully once it can become broken and it is in every way my fault. I also threatened to cancel but the supervisor said i can cancel and bring everything in within the 30 days but I'd still have to pay 200 for the "damaged" phone and an early cancellation fee even though it would be within the 30 days. This morning I called HTC and asked them what their policy is for fixing the device and they basically told me that it would be a 2 week turnaround for a phone repair and i'd have to pay for shipping and possible repair charges if they deem it user damage. I also asked if they have any statistics on this issue and they said since launch day with 200000 phones sold they only had 10 or 15 people call in with repair issues. They dont believe it is a manufacturing error and are all trying to cover their asses. I'm going to take it to a third party repair shop and try to get thier opinion on the damage to my phone and see if i can remove the physical "user" damage flag on my phone so i can exchange it for a new one. It seems as though there are enough people having this issue and some are getting replacements more easily than others.
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i have the same problem and sprint tried to say that it was my fault on damage. I think once i get the idiot to clear my account of false water damage and call back i should get a replacement. That is what the rep i talked to said. And if i get an idiot that doesnt want to do it, I will ask to speak to someone help because they are not being helpful. I refuse to pay another $100 for a less than 2 month old phone
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