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Originally Posted by deathclutch View Post
Alright.. well it took a couple weeks but i talked to the ceo's assistant.. or whom ever it was.. and i had great results!

1. get to keep the behold 2
2. because im doing installments.. they did like the other guy.. pay off what i owed on the phone (roughly $300) and put my 8 installment payments toward the phone of my choice.
3. I chose the mytouch slide

so now i got the behold 2.. which im going to sell immediatly as soon as i get the slide! im excited to get rid of the phone finally! ive only used my buddies slide for about an hour... so hopefully it lives up to my expectations over the course of me having it for awhile... unlike the behold 2.. which i had good expectations of.. and loved for the first month or so.. and then went downhill quickly!
The Slide is great hardware. Not a powerhouse phone but it will do what you need it to do. It even has working GPS
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