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Originally Posted by VIO View Post
I got a quick initial boot from the Stock (non-themed) Rom. I was met with a root permission request as soon as the initial setup started; Titanium Backup (TiBu) was asking for root. Having TiBu preinstalled is a nice touch that saves me the extra step of having to download it. Plus if I choose to forgo the automatic Market restore and just let TiBu handle it, the process becomes a simple matter of skipping entering my Google account, restoring, and finally syncing to Google.

After letting the Market do its work I did my initial check to see what was missing, “No Shazam restored…hmm ok, well TiBu will take care of that!”

No dice. TiBu would not restore Shazam, no explanation given.

“Ok, I’ll head to the Market and get it.”

Nope, not showing up,

“Weird. Maybe if I try the Market fix in the thread?”

No good on that either, still not there.

“Ok, maybe it’s my problem let me wipe/flash again.”

Same issue again.

“Different Rom?”

Nope works fine on everything else I’ve tried; Conclusion: It is definitely an issue with the ROM. That right there would be a deal breaker for me (I love me some music identification) but for the sake of a full review I didn’t jump ship.
I did not have many problems actually using the ROM with the stock kernel; it wasn’t quick but not slow either. I did run Quadrant quite a few times over the course of booting, flashing updates, rebooting, wiping completely, trying again, etc. I was never able to break 550 in quadrant on the stock kernel. Next I tried the P3Droid 0.32.9 LV-1000 and still wasn’t able to get anything above 750. To be fair the ROM does not feel slow but ‘fast’, or ‘quick’, or ‘snappy’ are not the first words I would describe my experience.

All the major components do work (WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, Phone, SMS), and there are a few good basic Scripts included with the ROM, plus one really interesting “Backup Apps” script that I was excited to try. Unfortunately it seemed like the script was missing (no command found!). Reboot, and Reboot to recovery options are present and are always appreciated by me. Perhaps the most evident feature though, is the included Theme.

I flashed the theme after I finished my ROM testing and I have to say I do really enjoy the theme. It is crisp, easy to read and very extensive. Hell, I think there is even a themed TiBu widget (I say “think” because it keeps FCing on me). It is definitely one of my favorite looking “blue” themes. Interestingly, the first boot after adding the theme took an astounding 8 minutes!

Over all I think LiQuID is a good attempt, but it really does not seem ready yet. I do really like the theme, but the Yogurt underneath is a bit to melty right now to enjoy it. I am excited to see future, and hopefully more stable versions of this ROM, but as of right now I am giving it a 2 out of 5
Actually, I agree with almost this entire post except that I did not experience any initial bootup problems. I did have one issue where the first time I tried to backup this setup in SPrecovery, it hung up but the second time worked for me so no biggie. I agree that the performance is OK, not slow but not ultra snappy either. That said, I really like the them and yes the included reboot features and some others are really nice. If not for the market issue (yes, Shazaam was another one for me) I would be sticking with it. At this point, I would probably give it 3 stars but I would rate it higher if the market were fixed.

By the way, to liquid, thanks for all your hard work on this. It's a very nice design and shows a bunch of promise.
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