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google services such as news, gmail rss, yes... market place, no. Like most tablets, at this stage you will need to use one of the alternatives.

All in English. Actually, it is kinda funny. Chinese users were complaining about the WinCE firmware showing Chinese chars as squares in some menus, so it seems they are targeting a primary English firmware.

Compatibility is ok. There are plenty of apps I load that don't work. But I think a few more work than my SmartQ V7. Annoyingly it does not full screen apps as often as the V7. The accelerometer works great for auto rotate, but unusable for games.

I'm happy to answer any other questions. I'm really glad that the Android firmware has improved things. But still there are bugs, so this isn't perfection. I've been resetting my zt180 atleast once every 40 minutes due to crashes when loading apps... some take it to a black screen of death. Hopefully compatability will fix this.
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