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Originally Posted by nemesys06 View Post
for those who are avoiding the vibrant because of the mess samsung made with the behold2, i have to tell you that you are missing out on a great phone. i am loving the vibrant. as for the support, i highly doubt the support will be as bad for the vibrant as it was for the behold2. the galaxy s line is samsung's baby. they will support it alot better than any other phone they released. the biggest difference between the galaxy s line and their other android phones... in the past, each phone was completely different. look at the samsung moment, and the behold2. both were way different from eachother, inside and out, so to upgrade, they had to create two firmware updates. now, with the galaxy s lineup, all phones are practically the same, with each carrier having their own perks to each galaxy phone. because of this, all samsung has to do now is create one firmware update for all phones, with maybe very minor tweaks to fit each version of the phone. it'll be alot easier and cheaper for samsung to do this. and with the effort they are putting behind the galaxy s, i have alot of faith in samsung and the galaxy s(vibrant). that is why i don't think this will be a repeat of the behold2, and those with sour feelings towards samsung, should give them one more chance. let them redeem themselves... and as for touchwiz, vibrant does have touchwiz 3.0, and i have to admit that i am loving it. it is much better and more reliable then the touchwiz interface we had on the behold2.
I am past the whole Support factor. At this point I am mearly holding out for the next generation of processors (ie 2GHz, dual core, etc) and more RAM.

The Hummingbird is a nice processor and spanks the Snapdragon hands down. But it is still only 1GHz at heart.

When we get to the next generation and I am looking at phones I may consider Samsung but if HTC has a closely spec'd device I will choose HTC. Just a preference.
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