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Originally Posted by hawkijustin View Post
Warning! Do not install! HTC says do not install this!
Please stop.

The Update was scheduled to be released to a certain few merchants and users this afternoon. They were notified by email to the link. Engadget (or whoever the hell else) got hold of the link and posted it up. This update for all intent and purposes is the final. Now it may be true that those who were destined to receive this link/file are beta testers to test it out and possibly get any fixes before Tuesdays official send off, but thats for another topic. So for all intent and purposes, this is the final, IMO.
Now this isn't an okay to go ahead and download it and install it. If anyone still has reservations, then be patient and wait till Tuesday for the file.

With that said, AndroidForums is not condoning or restricting anyone wanting to test this file themselves. Its your choice. All I ask is to read and re-read the instruction slowly and carefully and be patience while the install does what it does.

As for the OP issue,, your issue was already addressed in this post.

Figured out the issue. Just name the file " update " on your computer, when transferring to the SD card it will change the name to

When naming it on the computer, it was getting transferred as
Now if there are any other issues, post them up.

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