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Being that there were too many stickies in the main section, and some members did not like so many, the following outlines the new structure as well as where those stickies went to.


EVO 4G (top forum)
-Officially How to manually apply Froyo 2.2 update (3.26.651.3) to HTC EVO 4G
--Renamed to How to: Manually apply Froyo 2.2 (3.26.651.3) update
--Moved to Support sub-section

-Froyo leak may not be the final ROM
--Moved to Support sub-section and merged with above thread

-EVO 4G's Android 2.2 update starts trickling out July 30 (officially OTA August 3rd)
--Unstuck and left in the main section

-EVO Water Cooler Talk
--Unstuck and left in the main section

-Lets us peek at your Screens!
--Unstuck and left in the main section (SF)

-Batter Life The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
--Moved to Support sub-section
--Unstuck the thread

-Official Unrevoked Developers have Froyo on EVO
--Moved to Root sub-section

-Lets us peek at your screens!
--stays in the main section

-Official Froyo 2.2 Installation Error Thread
--Moved to the Support sub-section

-All Forum Specific Links. Please read first
--Stays in main section

-Zero Tolerance Policy (All Members Read)
--Stays in main section

Accessories Section
-All Accessories thread
--This stays

Reviews Section
-HTC Reviews, all in one place
--Unstuck this thread since its not really up to date

Tips and Tricks sections
-Tip "How do I settings with Android
--Stays in section

-Official UnOfficial EVO 4G Wall paper thread
--Renamed to All EVO 4G Wallpaper Thread

-Possible Battery fix from HTC
--Moved to Support sub-section

-Official HTC 4G Battery Thread
--Moved to Support Sub-section

-Task Killer! must read for new Android Users
-- Stays in section

-I got my EVO. Now what?
--Stays in section

Support Section
-Official 4G/WiMax What is it, why do we want it

-EVO capping all graphics @ 30FPS?

-Battery Life, the good the bad the ugly
--Came from main section, and unstuck here.

-How to manually apply Froyo 2.2 update
--came from main section and stuck (until no longer necessary)

-Official Froyo 2.2 Installation Error Thread
--Came over from main section and stays here

-Possible Battery fix from HTC
--Stays here

-Official HTC EVO 4G Battery thread

All Things Root section
-www.unrevoked went live
--Stays stuck

-Root is out
--Stays stuck

-Tutorial: Idiot Proof Root Guide
--Unstuck as per OP

--Official Unrevoked Developers have Froyo on EVO

Members, want to make this place better, just ask the staff. Remember, the "No' is always there, you are just looking for the "Yes". and please read the guidelines, otherwise you may end up in Banlandia.

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