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Well 24 hrs without and yes I understand the not needing as well as the needing a task killer, just posting my results for a day
uninstalled last night about this time and since then I have used the phone as much the same as day before, result is after heavy use, changing wallpaer maps appstore internet etc I did have the phone reset 3 times today last one just before posting this. after i noticed it slow down... so my opinion at this time is maybe they are not needed for some users but others that maybe mess with the phone repeatedly it will help out by closing apps out.
I also was checking avail mem in running services and all day had no more than 23-28mb
with using atk I have 55-70 free at any given time,
I am using advance task killer free, no auto close settings, no taskbar icon and just ignore reg apps like mail, messaging, gmail
So I will just use it to close things after I power use the device and see what happens
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